About Us

The Dental Surgery in Golden Square was established in 1976 by Melbourne trained dentist, Dr Drew Hewson, who at the time was working at a dental practice in the nearby town of Castlemaine.

To provide suitable facilities, Drew renovated a shop and attached residence owned by Bob Cooper, a former mayor of Bendigo, and which had previously been the site of a local newsagent in the ‘Square’.

By 1985 Drew had decided to move on, undertaking further training before working as a Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgeon in Geelong. He sold the Golden Square practice to Dr Dennis Robinson, who had completed his dental training at Adelaide University. After graduation, Dennis then worked in the South Australian School Dental Service, and a number of surgeries and hospital clinics in rural towns including Port Augusta, Elizabeth, Portland, Bendigo and Ouyen, before settling back in Bendigo and taking over the surgery in Golden Square.

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Shortly after settling in Bendigo, Dennis was joined at Golden Square Dental by Dr Michael Thornton, who was taking early retirement as Senior Dentist at the Bendigo Base Hospital, and who provided a valuable level of experience to the practice.

Dennis continued to work at the practice after Michael Thornton retired in the mid 1990’s, assisted by a number of dentists including Dr David Sims, who later acquired the same dental practice in Castlemaine from which Drew Hewson had moved to Golden Square back in 1976. More recently, Dr David Goode who is one of the senior dental teaching staff at La Trobe Bendigo, has also provided prosthodontics service at Golden Square Dental.

In mid-2016 Dr Robinson reduced his working hours to part time and the ownership of the practice passed to Dr.Priya Naik and Dr.Mithun Shetty from Bendigo Smiles, a rapidly growing Bendigo dental group, with other practices in Arnold Street Bendigo and Parsonage Grove Eaglehawk.

At that time, Dr Kevin Ho joined Dennis on a full time basis. Kevin is a board certified dentist in both Australia and Canada. He has taught extensively overseas to train dentists and has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry.

So, as dentistry moves further into the modern digital age, a new chapter is also underway in the 40-year history of Golden Square Dental.

Our Dentists

Dr Mithun Shetty and Dr Priya Naik | Golden Square Dental Dr Mithun Shetty & Dr Priya Naik
Mithun and Priya are experienced and dedicated dental surgeons with a vision to cater to the needs of the community and contribute to its success.

They have been trained in the best clinical skills – Mithun has a Masters in Periodontics from India and has successfully completed a course in Implantology in Sydney; Priya has a Masters in Endodontics from India.

They are currently licensed as General Dental Surgeons (Australian Dental Board Certified) in Australia. The two have been excellent team leaders.

Golden Square Dental | Dr. Mithun Shetty Award | Dentist Golden Square

Dr. Mithun’s Award

Mithun’s kindness and passion complimented by Priya’s cheerful and caring nature contribute to their excellent rapport with people of all ages.

Loving parents to two young boys, Mithun spends his leisure playing golf, fishing while Priya loves travelling, cooking and spending time with family and friends. Mithun is an ardent soccer and cricket fan too.


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